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For printing houses

Printing house «Lapa» despite its name is mainly binding-house «Lapa» which clearly describes our service range for printing houses.

Our post-print capacity at the moment is bigger than our printing capacity. So printing houses having book-type product orders are welcome to supply us printed sheets and we will make books for you!

Our production processes developed during extensive and long-lasting experience on both – full service and printed sheet managing from non-national printing houses – are really fine-tuned and timely well structured.

We do not mind to produce any elements of the books or print jobs:

  • Make just book block for subcontractors who want to case-in themselves – leather covers, etc..
  • Make just cover
  • Case-in. Especially in cases when manual work is needed or because of the size of book(big or small)
  • Receive printed sheets and make a book
  • Make special works – imprints, embossing on cover, add ribbons, glue-in special pages or pictures, make packing with inserting of CD-s or DVD or any other inserts.
  • Printing of newspapers, tickets, manuals, brochures, form cutting, etc…

We are open for co-operation – let us know the task and we will quote you!


Book cases



Kids books