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Calendar design

Need own design of calendar or diary?

The solution is here! We have a number of very good designers and also a number of good ideas:

  • We will prepare a calendar design for you
  • We will send you a file with 2 pages (left and right) or one page based on design you have chosen
  • File formats – EPS, AI, indd or CDR – just tell us – the one you need.

Design means design not typesetting of calendar. For typesetting please refer here

For payments we prefer to use PayPal.

We have 3 different choices for you standard, adapted standard or special design calendars:

  • Standard designs


    / design.

    Save time and costs and choose standard designs we have in our collection. Make your choice and send us inquiry! e-mail

    • Time saver
    • Cost saver
    • Choose from existing designs
    • Professional and stylish designs
    • No mistakes
  • Adapted standard


    / design.

    You would prefer to use our designs from our collection and slightly adjust it to your needs by adding company logo or changing color of existing design to different color. Make your choice and send us inquiry! e-mail

    • Time saver
    • Still cost saver
    • Making special out of standard
    • Professional and stylish designs
    • No mistakes
  • Special design



    / design.

    Another way to express your individuality. We are ready to assist you on that. For this option – it is hard to provide standard prices. It may vary depending on how complicated is design you would get. Let us know by mail and we will make it! See the collection of some of our jobs done for inspiration. e-mail

    • Still time saver – since we do the job professionally
    • You will get what is reasonable
    • Something completely different and unique
    • Professional and stylish designs
    • No mistakes


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