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With printing house «Lapa» you do not need to look around for more sub-contractors to fulfill your everyday or specific needs for printed products.

We do have number of reliable printing machines that are able to print comparably wide range of products – starting from simple one page blanks to books and newspapers. The range include also labels for product, product packaging labels, tickets, posters, brochures, booklets, leaflets, blanks, envelopes, business cards, instructions, manuals, menus, newspapers, folders, etc..

Our focus – comparably small print-runs:

  • For single page products 300-100.000 pieces
  • for multipage products up to 10.000 pieces

Our range of printing machinery in operation have three stream lines:

  • Flexible runners. Sheet-printing machines which are used to serve everyday needs of companies(printing of blanks, business cards, forms, stickers, simple brochures, envelopes, etc.). We use comparably simple machines so that we can serve our customers as quick as possible. More information is here
  • Hard workers. For book and calendar printing. We do operate sheet-fed 2 colour machines which run non-stop to print high piles of sheets for book-type products. Since the printing house is experiencing rapid growth – soon the range of machinery will be extended to new members of family. More information is here
  • Media printers. Two web-presses(able to print 2+1, 4+1 up to 8 pages per go) are providing enough capacity for number of customers and also local newspapers. More information is here
From time to time there are orders with very special elements which are not our specialty. Since we are taking care of our customers we do co-operate with other specialized service providers to keep the level of quality and satisfaction of our customers.

With help of our designers in-house and free-lance let us make your idea real!

You are mostly welcome to send inquiry for the print-work you would need!

And tell us – should we help you with design!


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